Cambie por lo Nuevo sin perder el espíritu navideño…


New Ideas for an Original Christmas

In almost ten years of life, we have positioned ourselves among the top companies in the world for emotional marketing. Our products can be found within the most important shopping centers and department stores in the world, as well as in town halls, airports, and other organizations that wish to attract and communicate through emotional marketing. Those who know us, know of our creativity in design, execution, and simplicity in the creation of displays. Stamping and lightweight, almost indestructible materials, such as fiberglass and rotomolded plastic are the key for our production material, as well as LED, electro mechanic or pneumatic technology. Among our staff, we have artists, industrial designers, engineers, electrical engineers, stampers, and costume designers, that are among the best in their field. We like to work with the best. And that is the reason why they seek us out—because we give the best and we obtain the best results.

Like what you see? At JIT we are proud of what we do. Why? In the first place, we are passionate about our work. We like to create, and each day improve everything ranging from the design and communication of our programs, the execution of our products, to sales and customer service.

Did you notice the expressions of the characters? They inspire complicity, happiness, fear, intent, warmth, enthusiasm. We want to share these feelings, so you can relax and enjoy this new Christmas trip. Leave in our hands your Christmas decoration and you will see your clients be surprised by our products. Conquer the audience positively, refreshing them with image, communication, and experience, generating the ideal state of mind for buying. We have several programs that can meet your needs. Rent us and change the decoration every year. We organize the rotation of your decorations. We have almost no limits to develop an idea—test us!.


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