The best products and a
versatile program offering.

A Christmas to Suit Your Needs

Leave the Christmas problem to us. Call us and just enjoy. See your sales grow. JIT Christmas takes care of your Christmas decoration with the program that best suits your needs. you like to arrange your decoration from your desk…?

Our strength! Today, there are not many customers who prefer to buy and change their decoration every year. Get renovated by paying less than in the rest of the market for the best programs available. Contact us
Rotation and Updated Service of Decorations
The decorations you already bought from us may be useful in other spaces. We make a plan and we organize the rotation of your products in shopping centers.
Re-purchase Plan
Do you want to renovate or change the products you bought from us? We offer up to 30% of the original value, when you buy a new program.
Customized. We have no limits to develop an idea—test us. From 394-feet high trees to the particular element you want to surprise your customers with, we do it all.
Depending on the business and target audience, we look for partners to finance your Christmas decorations. Large multinational companies are our products partners.
We offer a complete installation service in any country. Our products are lightweight, strong, and easy to install.
Export Services
Where is your business? We take our products anywhere in the world. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

* Minimum rent values is US$5000. Delivery: 60 days (from the order day)

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